Getting from where you are, to where you want to be is challenging.

We’ve developed a catalogue of Technology Services and Solutions to address each challenge and ease your journey. We’ve completed development, test automation, and deployment projects in complex, demanding environments. You can trust us to solve your professional services needs and your most challenging IT problems.


Our Catalogue


You build it,

we run it.

Get your teams to focus on valuable projects by outsourcing work.

Ammeon Solutions Managed Service Operators will ensure that your mission-critical services stay running, that mundane tasks are completed on time, everytime and solve stressful tasks so you don't have to.


Get your apps to run faster, safer, better.

Hey, you, get onto my cloud!

Ammeon Solutions Application Migration Specialists help you migrate from existing infrastructure onto new platforms whilst keeping the lights on. We use a metrics driven approach to ensure that we migrate your applications in a structured and sensible way. We empower your teams to help with the migration and to take back control of their applications as soon as the migration has been completed.


We build it,

you run it.

Leverage our knowledge and expertise to get your systems deployed faster.

Ammeon Solutions Architects and CD/CD Engineers love designing and implementing complex infrastructure and pipelines to save you time and money as well as increasing security, auditability, accountability, and stability.


Get your team to run at high velocity

Accelerate your teams with Agile-Lean and a culture of continuous improvement.

Ammeon Consultants and Trainers use a combination of Agile, Lean, Lean Startup and DevOps approaches to help your teams plan, develop, test, verify and release faster. Our best-in-class training approach uses hands-on workshops and onsite training to help your teams visualise knowledge work, identify bottlenecks. This training approach takes a systems view to solve your problems and identify new ways to improve better, faster and smarter.

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