Be Water, My Friend: Agile + DevOps


Recently, Ammeon Solutions principal consultant, Leonardo Bittencourt spoke at the Red Hat Day Ireland event about how software development inherited the industrial model of waterfall. Leo mentioned how the progress of work or tasks only flows in one direction, linear, "downwards" like a waterfall, through very distinct, long and siloed phases.

This approach, which he outlined in his presentation has proved to have big constraints when adopted into software development. The nature of software development has changed, the work now is invisible, intangible and must deal with uncertainty and complexity in a constantly changing world.

Leo mentioned that nowadays companies are looking for so many features to be included in a finished product, but only 20% of the features developed in our products are often used and 80% are infrequently or ever hardly used. He also mentioned that we are no longer able to admit that we know the problem and the solution upfront.

DevOps feedback flow hypothesis

Agile has been the response to constraining software development processes like waterfall. Leo’s hypothesis shows that; silos are broken down, frequent releases are validated quickly, and a speedy feedback loop is very powerful to know what users really want. A DevOps approach effectively addresses this and more new challenges in software development. This collaborative approach involves the whole organisation, but also raises questions - Is DevOps the new Agile? Is Agile dead? Do Agile and DevOps relate to each other? What is DevOps trying to solve?

The comparison between Traditional x Shift Left approaches when dealing with attention to quality.

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