Agile and DevOps in 2019

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The 13th “State of Agile Report” was published recently and it shows some new themes and focuses. As DevOps and Agile adoption becomes more common, there is a need for the two to coexist in an organisation to see change and increase competitive advantage. Increased visibility of Agile and DevOps outcomes are becoming more important for teams to continuously improve.

What did this years report show:

Reduced project costs are a primary driver for Agile adoption -

The report shows the primary reason for the adoption of agile approaches is; project cost reduction. It also cited that there is a 27% increase in the reduction of project costs as a key benefit of agile. The report identifies, that the adoption of agile has a bigger focus on reducing project costs and improving team morale - and is less about increasing productivity and reducing risk in comparison to last year’s report.

There’s an increased importance of DevOps in organisations -

The need to understand and improve DevOps continues to rise as a priority for organisations — with 90% of respondents citing it as important. The report also showed a 27% increase from last year in respondents who think DevOps transformation is very important.

Traceability is key to improving DevOps practices -

A total of 38% of respondents identified end-to-end traceability from business, through development, test and deployment as the most valuable capability of DevOps improvement.

How success is measured -

The perception of what success means has been changing over the years. The focus has been on customer/user satisfaction, business value, on-time delivery and quality while the focus on product scope saw a decline over the past years going from 40% to 20% and falling to 12% this year.

Value Stream Management is new, but important -

The growing popularity in Value Stream Management shows that 67% of respondents saying that it was important for connecting the business to its’ software delivery capability.

SAFe dominates scaling methods -

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) continues to grow in adoption as the scaling method of choice and was identified as such by 30% of respondents.

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You can read the full report here:

Conor Lavelle