We're Hiring

Ammeon Solutions is a consulting and IT professional services company. We help our clients overcome their IT challenges by using innovative state-of-the-art processes and emerging technologies.

We are looking for top class talent to join our teams in Dublin, Belfast , Reading and Warsaw. Don’t let these great opportunities pass you by!

What we do

Our consultants and teams deliver bespoke solutions to organisations on in many sectors including banking, telecoms, utilities, transport and automotive. Right now, we are extremely excited about the work we are doing with autonomous vehicles, big data, machine learning, containerizing applications and migration to cloud platforms.

Our cross-sectoral experience has shown us how to satisfy customers’ needs fast, regardless of the scale of the challenge. At Ammeon Solutions, we believe in bringing our very own beliefs of Respect, Courage, Authenticity and Learning to all engagements so our teams can positively influence the world.

Conor Lavelle